MAFA farms were established in 1989 in Noubaria, a desert reclaimed area that is almost 80km from Alexandria. The farms are owned and centrally managed by Magrabi Agriculture through an integrated food safety and quality management system that complies with the food industry's international standards.

The total area of our farms is 8000 feddans which is equivalent to 3360 hectares in different geographic areas of Egypt.

We are constantly investing in research and development and in new farming techniques to ensure achieving the highest productivity and best quality for our different markets. Mafa is controlling the farming operation from seed to fork. We have our own nurseries, and work with professional consultants from different parts of the world to perfect the farming operation.

Plant Propagation Facilities
Magrabi Agriculture has intensively invested in the establishment of the tissue culture lab, green houses and nurseries, in order to guarantee the quality and health of its plants.

  • Tissue culture lab
• Nucleus nursery
• Hardening nursery
• Production nursery
• Virus/viroid indexing facility
• Citrus foundation block greenhouses (FBG)
• Citrus budwood propagation greenhouses (BPG)
• Isolation greenhouses
  • Mother plant greenhouse
• Propagation greenhouse
• Rootstock greenhouse
• Strawberry table-top nursery (mother plants)
• Strawberry open field nursery (production plants)
• Predators propagation unit >>